New York City Medical Residents Treating Coronavirus Describe “Living A Nightmare”

NYC Medical Residents Treating Coronavirus At the front traces of the coronavirus crisis that has swept through New York City, a scientific resident in Brooklyn decided to write down approximately coping with a historic pandemic at what's an early and vital time inside the career of a doctor. "Throughout these ultimate couple of weeks i... Continue Reading →

Latest COVID-19 News & Confirm Case Counts

Corona : Covid-19 Because the novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 was first detected within the U.S. On Jan. 20, it has spread to extra than 530,000 humans inside the U.S., throughout all 50 states. Of the pronounced cases within the U.S., at the least 20,608 human beings have died as a result of the virus, with... Continue Reading →

Distribution of COVID-19 Deaths, Worldwide, as of 30 March 2020

Since 31 December 2019 and as of 30 March 2020, 715 660 cases of COVID-19 (in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in the affected countries) have been reported, including 33 579 deaths. The deaths have been reported from Italy (10 781), Spain (6 528), China (3 311), Iran (2 640), France (2 606), United States (2 509), United Kingdom (1 228), Netherlands (771), Germany... Continue Reading →

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